Gadding with Gilderoy

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I mentioned my Gilderoy fanfic and many of you wanted to hear about it so here's a chapter. A very short chapter. So it's Gilderoy writing about his life and giving you advice. All that fun stuff.... Idk when I'll post the next one, but here's the first! ENJOY! Hello and good evening, my … Continue reading Gadding with Gilderoy


enjoy i guess She told the seamstress what she needed, and the seamstress pulled out the most beautiful dress. A shimmering mother-of-pearl halter top accented the flowy, sheer golden color of the finest sea silk fabric. Purple pearls studded the waistline, and a thin gold chain swooped from her waist over her stomach, connecting the … Continue reading WORST WRITING: PART FIVE:: FINISH