Gunrey: drugs might be involved

I wrote this at like 11pm in 20 minutes enjoy Nute fiddles with his miniature fiddle. Rey snorts as the waiter, Harrison Ford in a catsuit with a small hoop earring in his left ear, spills grape juice over the table cloth for the 12th time. “Just a myeowment,” he purrs, sopping it up with … Continue reading Gunrey: drugs might be involved

ranking things part 2

part one RANKING::: MOST HATED STAR WARS CHARACTER according to this article:: here WARNING: this list is insanely inaccurate but I thought their reasoning was weird which is why I'm doing it haha WATTO Oof. Where to begin with Watto? The Toydarian junkyard dealer was nothing short of a racial caricature, and what’s more, is … Continue reading ranking things part 2