would you rather tag

Madeline tagged meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tysmmmmmm Would you rather change the cover of a book or change its synopsis? COVER because sometimes the cover looks sKetChy or just ugly and YES THE COVER MATTERS OK Would you rather only read books by your favorite author, or be able to read books by any author, but only one … Continue reading would you rather tag

monthly recs

it is september my dude and school is starting back so yAY BOOKS: Vader comics We Are Not From Here Hard Wired MOVIES: The Newsies/Newsboys Romeo and Juliet TV SHOWS: My FairyTale Wedding or whatever it's called my brothers and I loved/hated it so much also disney world needs a death star and maleficent themed … Continue reading monthly recs

monthly recs

who knows when you'll get another post don't ask me cause idk because I have absolutely no ideas except for ONE which, El, I promise I'll do ittttttttttttt at some point BOOKS: ~Hellhole ~A List of Cages MOVIES: ~Pirates of the Caribbean ~The Little Mermaid ~Lord of the Rings ~Spider-Man Homecoming TV SHOWS: ~Doctor Who- … Continue reading monthly recs

monthly recs: favorites edition || it’s my birthday month so deal with it

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH SO THIS POST WILL BE ME JUST YELLING AT YOU TO ENJOY MY FAVORITE THINGS SO YEAH BUCKLE UP BOOKS ~ A Thousand Perfect Notes ~ The Boy Who Steals Houses (JUST A NOTE: THESE TWO ARE AVAILABLE IN THE US NOW/SOON) ~ The Girl Who Stole Christmas (this is a short story by … Continue reading monthly recs: favorites edition || it’s my birthday month so deal with it