The Unique Blogger Award

Okay, first, here's some Alice in Wonderland gifs. A Little Haze Book Blog- thank you so, so much for tagging me!! The Rules Thank and share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you for The Unique Blogger Award Answer their three questions In the spirit of sharing love … Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award

December Owlcrate: Tales of Trickery

So... DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN I got an Owlcrate box. "Omjg," they say. "She finally did it." YEAH I GOT ONE AND I AM NOT REGRETTING IT LET ME GET INTO THIS THING ALso spoilers are a thing for this?? So here's the iconic gif: And WARNING: I attempt Photography™ and fail drastically (even though I literally … Continue reading December Owlcrate: Tales of Trickery

Liebster Award: yeah I know I said I was on hiatus, shhh

THANK YOU, EMER What is your favourite film? Robin Hood. (second Ratatullie, even though I watched it for the first time two weeks ago) (also Far from Home) BUT ROBIN HOOD>>> aGYCGUFGUHIJHYGBUYHJYkmnubyvyHUIBJHuijk I get feels everytime I watch it ughhhhh If you could go on an all expenses-paid luxury holiday where would you choose to go? … Continue reading Liebster Award: yeah I know I said I was on hiatus, shhh