AKOW: the children go trick-or-treating + gossip about their siblings who are obviously in love

BACKGROUND: Macbeth somehow exists in this world??? DON’T ASK ME WHY BC I DON’T KNOW. And they’re dressing up as the witches from MACBETH: THE COMEDY, which I don’t think actually exists, but exists in this world, so.

Also I don’t think I ever finished the scene…??????? but whATEVER

“I look great!” Rush examines his lips, smeared in a violet lipstick called ‘plum it up’. “Why is makeup only for girls? This is incredible!”

“I have to agree.” Ash winks into the mirror, trying to catch a full glimpse of the silvery eyeshadow Scarlet used on him. “Being the three witches was a great idea.”

“And I get a caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaape!” Rush flicks his cape in the air. “Magnificent! Can we go soon?”

“Calm down, Rush, let me finish,” Scarlet grumbles, swiping lipstick over her mouth and yanking the witch wig and hood onto her head. “Okay. Ready. Ash?”

He plucks at the stringy wig. “This is super itchy.”

“Deal with it.”

“I am, I am…”

“Pictures!” Verity calls, armed with her battered film camera. They scoop up their cauldrons and line up in the kitchen. Scarlet tucks a few of Ash’s curls back inside the wig cap and throws the camera a large smile. “Okay, great, thanks. Have fun!” Shooing them out the door, she snaps one last picture.

Once out the door, Rush joyfully runs into the wind,  his cape flapping behind him with harsh snaps. Scarlet links arms with Ash and skips ahead to catch up with the laughing Rush. Grey clouds dust the brightening half-moon, stars winking in one by one. The trees, bony hands shuddering leaves over the streets, wave at passersby. The air swells with the crisp scent of Halloween.

Even the shadows are lurking in the woods, whispering halloween, halloween, halloween. She smiles over at Ash, those same shadows casting an eerie look into his eyes. Rush clambers up to the first door, but hangs back under the buzzing orange porch light. “Um, Scarlet… you do it.”

“Fine.” She knocks. A stooped elder grins, holding the glass door ajar with her hip, and sprinkles a handful of candy in each of their cauldrons.

“Thank you!” They chorus, linking arms with each other and heading towards the next house. She’s grateful she made such amazing friends to do this with. I love them both so much.

Scarlet dumps her candy over the floor, whizzing through it, separating the types at lightning speed. Rush, cross-legged in his witch robes, picks through his stash and stuffs gummy worms back into his cauldron. Ash, who snagged the couch, lines his candy in little rows, meticulously leaning over his army. Remnants of lipstick smudge the corner of his mouth. Rush’s witch hood slips back, leaving his curls sticking out like a bramble patch.

Footsteps forewarn the approach of a candy-seeker. “Something wicked this way comes,” Scarlet hisses. “Hide your good candy!”

Verity tumbles beside Ash, disrupting his perfect piles. “Ver!” he complains. 

“Thank you,” she mumbles, already biting into a chocolate-caramel bar. “How’d it go?”

“Fantastically well until you came in,” Ash grumbles. 

“Did anyone know what you were?” Verity plucks another chocolate from Ash’s stack.

“Hey! Get your own!” He gathers his candy in his skirt and reluctantly moves to the floor.

Rush, not even looking up, says, “One lady realized we were witches -didn’t know we were from Macbeth or anything, but she asked to join our coven. Was completely serious, too.”

“She was weird.” Scarlet shakes her head. “And this other lady didn’t even open the door for us. Opened it for other kids, just not us.”

“Rude.” Verity stands. “Well, if there’s any candy you don’t want, I’m open for it.” She yawns. “I’m going to bed, and y’all should soon.” Stopping at the stairs. “And Scarlet, you’re staying over, right?”

“Yes, ma’am, I am.”

“And you stay downstairs, while you-” she points at Ash and Rush. “-stay upstairs.”

Ash groans. “Oh my gosh, seriously, Ver?”

“I have to say that. I’m the adult. It’s required.” She clumps up the stairs. “Let me know if you need anything…”

Ash makes a face and spreads his candy over the carpet.

“Alright.” Scarlet saunters over to him, scanning the colorful wrappers. “Ashhhhh… Would you be so kind as to trade me, I don’t know, your full size chocolate bar for all of my licorice fish?”

Rush gasps.

Ash gasps.

Licorice? Heck to the no, Scarlet. Are you crazy?!” Ash cradles his chocolate, brown eyes seething with disbelief.

“Ugh. Fine. Rush?”

“Get away from me, you ugly sinner!” Rush chucks a vaguely suspicious caramel at her. “Take that, you freak!”

“Fine, fine, I’m sorry,” Scarlet gripes.

Rush smirks hopefully. “Hey, Ash, I’ll give you three blowpops for your bag of gummy worms.”

“Only because you’re my best friend,” Ash mutters. “And also so Scarlet will feel jealous.”

“Ha ha ha.” Scarlet folds her arms. 

Rush catches the gummy worms and adds them to his hoard before hurling the blowpops across the room.

Several minutes of haggling and whining (mainly from Scarlet, because she does not know the worth of that package of Sour Children) pass when Ash blurts, “Hey, y’all, do you think Verity and Willian like each other?”

Rush chokes. 

Scarlet grins. “Uh, duh.”

“I’m sorry, when did this happen?” Rush asks, composing himself. “I mean, it’s obvious Willian has a huge crush on Verity, but… she likes him?

“Obviously,” Scarlet cackles. “Every time your precious brother comes over, she’s literally tripping over her own feet!”

“And she talks about him. A lot. Trust me,” Ash adds. He turns to Rush, incredulity screaming through his features. “But he likes her?!”

“Uh, yeah. He talks about her too. And even once said…” Rush lowers his voice. “Once I asked him who he’d consider his friends. And she was second on the list, only after Tzietel! A dragon! She’s second only to a dragon, which is a major feat. Just by the way.”

“Woahhhh,” Scarlet breathes. “Oh, do you remember that time when Willian came over with his hair braided back? She was so red, and couldn’t keep her eyes off him! Oh, and Ash, does she do that thing, y’know, where she keeps asking if you’ve seen Willian recently, and how she was and stuff… but tries not to make a big deal about it and be nonchalant about that?”

“Uh. Yes?” He glares, concerned, at a pile of strawberry starfish. “Do girls do that?”

“Oh yeah, definitely.”

Rush cocoons his blanket tighter around his shoulders. “Willian does that too. Kind of. He’s like, ‘hOw wAs VerIty?’ and when I suggest he come with us, he’s like, “wIlL vErIty bE tHerE?’ It’s hilarious, honestly. But like… does she really like him back? I’ve never heard of crushes being MUTUAL before, like, what the heck.”

Scarlet laughs. “Hah. Yeah. She obviously does.”

“I can confirm,” Ash adds, unwrapping a chocolate bar. “It’s weird.”

“It is,” Rush agrees.

 Scarlet rolls onto her back, teeth stuck together with a vaguely suspicious caramel. “I think it’s cute.”

“Ew.” Rush disappears into his blanket-burrow.

“Cute?” Ash scoffs.

“It is- they like each other, and they’re too shy or nervous or whatever to tell the other, so: PINING. It’s adorable! I ship it.”

Rush is still hiding. “I’m still baffled that they like each other. Mutual? Crushes? Huh?” The blanket muffles his voice.

“You have to admit they’d be cute together!”

“Well, I mean…” Ash huffs. “They are kinda- compatible…”

“Oooooh do you think they’d ever kiss..?”

Rush crumples within his comforter, choking. “Excuse me what?”

Ash’s face burns red. “Verity will never kiss anyone, Scarlet.”

“You never knoooooooooooooow…”


 “Do you know how weird it would be if our siblings were dating?”

Rush snorts. “I don’t wanna think about it.”

“It would be… kinda… cute? I guess.”Ash mumbles.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, but I can see it.”


“Okay then.”

“But yeah I see it too.”

They all laugh at the absurdity of their two older siblings dating. AHahahahAhaahHAHhhah

that would never happen.



30 thoughts on “AKOW: the children go trick-or-treating + gossip about their siblings who are obviously in love

  1. Madeline @ The Bookish Mutant says:

    Awwwww wholesome trick-or-treating I LOVE IT
    A few weeks ago our *homework* was to go on youtube and browse for interpretations of the drunken porter scene
    And the two bests ones
    You’re gonna love it
    – David Tennant (the only one who actually sounded drunk ksdjhfksjdhf)
    – and PALPATINE

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aria says:

    Okay this is seriously amazing Beck and it’s making me sad that I can’t trade candy with friends and go trick or treating this year. But it was also kind of adorable and amazing and I loved reading it so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. girrrrrl_of_two_worlds says:

    “let me in.”
    “I know you’re mad”
    “go away”
    “it’s cold”
    “what’re ya gonna do, die”
    “I am already dead!!!!”
    Sunita pushed open the door and stared at the spectre hovering outside the shed.
    “I told you, I don’t believe you. I don’t believe anything you say. I am a university going 18 year old, I have an Astronomy test tomorrow which I can’t afford to fail and I’m majoring in Astrophysics. GO. AWAY.”
    “I, on the other hand, am an old commoner from Britain. I died when the plague struck. I was happy, being reincarnated as flowers and grass again and again. And then I get dragged into this stupid world- I’ve been floating around this disgusting city for years, and now I’ve finally found you. I want to go back to being a redwood in California, you want to find your sister. We both need something from that sheet of paper. You need to believe me!!”
    Sunita growled, her long black braid whipping over her shoulder as she slammed the door shut.
    “Fool. I am a ghost.”
    Blythe flung herself through the shoddy wooden door and stuck her hand through Sunita’s throat.
    Sunita, obviously, choked. Not really- but it felt like someone had stuck a bucket of ice through her throat, and that wasn’t a pleasant experience.
    “Give. Me. The. Sheet.”
    “NO!”, Sunita yelled. “Let me do my physics, please. You can go back to California through heaven or hell or the spirit portal or whatever. I’ll graduate from university, get a job and pay for my younger brother come to Canada from India. We don’t need the sheet. I’ll call the police, they can investigate. Just, leave me alone.”
    Tears had pearled over in her eyes. Blythe looked at her with pitying eyes.
    “Sunita, my mother used to write poems as well. Published them in the newspaper every month. The night that the plague struck and stole her… she wrote something. The reason I need that sheet is to check- check whether my… suspicions are right.”
    She slumped, and then fetched the paper. It was stained almost black with blood, but the words were discernible.

    i am a girl of winter and ice,
    and my dreams are made of snow,
    my heart is a realm of diamond-edged frost,
    across which the frozen winds blow.

    my mind is cloaked, and swathed in a blizzard,
    my tears are sleet and chunks of hail,
    my soul is encrusted in layers of frost,
    and snowflakes fall aplenty- a smooth, shimmering veil.

    but- i live trapped in the golden rays of sun,
    where fire-flowers bloom, where molten rivers flow,
    how can i be a girl of winter and ice,
    when i have never seen snow?

    “Good lord,” Blythe breathed. (Ghosts don’t breathe. You understand what I meant.)
    Blythe looked directly into Sunita’s eyes, and said “We need to go to Leeds.”
    Mhm that was awful, sorry. I tried. Probably gonna blog about the poem separately.
    love always,

    Liked by 1 person

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