WARNING:: c r i n g e

No like seriously..


Most of this I wrote in middle school, which, honestly wasn’t that long ago but also was a super long time ago. It’s been at least like, idk, four years since I started this whole FTIDKTT business.

And I didn’t know what I was doing.

UGHghghghghghghghghghghgh cringe idk why I’m doing this bUt i Am AnyWaYS

SCARLET (when she was actually named Scarlet she went through several character changes)

“SCARLETTTT!” A shriek came from down the stairs. Scarlet sighed and unwillingly closed her book and stomped down the stairs. “Yes, ma’am?” She asked breathlessly. She stood before a tall lady who was looking down at her, scornful. 

“I thought I asked you to do the dishes.”

“I-I did do them, Miss Margaret.” 

“Well, come and look,” Miss Margaret lead Scarlet to the sink, which was full of… dirty dishes.

“Someone must have put more dishes in, ma’am. I promise I did the dishes,” Scarlet insisted. 

“Well, there is no evidence. You know the rule, ‘a lazy man gets no bread.’ Now, finish the dishes,” She scowled. “Do them well.” She strutted away. Scarlet groaned. Why did Miss Margaret like to pick on her? She got in trouble at least three times a week for something she didn’t do. Miss Margaret always assumed it was Scarlet. Usually, it was Moriah trying to get even at Scarlet for beating her in school. Scarlet had top grades in her class.

 Scarlet opened the window in front of the sink. She let the warm, sunny beams of light smile on her dirty and tired face. She began to hum as she scrubbed the dishes. She watched a dog frolicking with a small toddler toddling after it. Down the road, a horse was being groomed. She watched a bee buzz lazily from flower to flower. A frog splashed into the pond. Scarlet put her hands down. She wanted to enjoy the summer sun, but she was being forced to do chores! She wanted her own life. 

She was tired of being bossed around. She wanted to run away to the city. If she squinted through the trees, she could see the high towers of the city’s wall, where within its beautiful walls was a castle. She could get a nice job and live in a nice house. All she knew was this small cottage where she was forced to clean up everyone’s messes. She reached for another dish but her hands closed on empty air. She sighed happily and hurried upstairs. 

Her room was in the attic, but it was cozy. There was a small bed in the corner, followed by a small table and chair. On the other side of the room, there was a door to her closet. Between the two walls were two windows with dusty curtains that let in happy, sunny light. She kicked off her shoes into the corner and flopped onto her bed. She pulled off her socks and threw them onto the worn rug. She found her book, opened it, and started reading, losing herself in this new world.

I am crying of cringe. Oh. My. Gosh. I am literally crying I hate my life ughghgh why did I think this was a good ideaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

No like seriously w h y

Aight that’s all I can’t handle any more of this uGHHHHH


12 thoughts on “FTIDKTT FIRST APPEARANCES part one

  1. vaishnavi says:

    okay but like- THIS IS PEAK WRITING DEVELOPMENT. this was like, better than anything i ever wrote in middle school, but i remember that in *every* one of my stories, there would be a spunky teenage girl fed up with the status quo and returns to books as a form of escapism (??) like. is this a recurring theme? *tries not to psychoanalyze the hidden meaning behind this trope*

    i also didn’t read your last post earlier, so i want to say CONGRATS on 200 followers !! you totally deserve it 🥺 and i’m absolutely hONOURED to be a smaugette omw ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beck @ SMELLFOY CAN READ says:

      oh thank youu…? oof yeah same though. my mermaid story was 29027536289% worse than this if that’s even possible. I posted it a while back called “WORST WRITINGS” hahahahhhh
      awwwww thank you so muchhhhhhhhh

      Liked by 1 person

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