AKOW: my 2 elf bois + a dragon: a scene I might actually use in my WIP!!

Willian clutches the pot Verity allowed him to borrow, the dragon curled up inside. He feels sick. He accidentally let Verity know he totally forgot he hadn’t told her and now he’s kind of freaking out and of course he would tell her at some point but also now like what how could he forget excuse you. Anyway, he left without explaining. He has to figure out his words first. 

“Rush, open the door.”

“You do it.”

“I’m holding something right now.”


He rushes through the kitchen, into the bedroom, and locks the door behind them. “Okay, 

Rush, sit on your bed and be quiet I need to do this.”

“Whatever.” He flips open a book. “Oh, hey, how was your daaaaaaaaaate?”

“It wasn’t a date, and shush. This is important.”

“Are you trying to weasel out of answering?”

“No. Shut it.”


“Because. Come here.”

Rush stares curiously at the plinking pot. Willian opens the lid, and a dragon, the size of a box of film with legs, a tail, and wings, spits fire. “Woah. I thought that was some type of demented chili.”

“No, it’s a dragon.”

“Well duh.”





“So you stole a dragon?”

“I didn’t steal it. I found it. Big difference.”

“So, uh, what do dragons eat?”

“Not Mr Fezziwig’s Vegan Treats for All.”

“Of course not.”

He sits back on his heels. “Usually, in the wild, they’ll eat random plants or bugs. But I can’t catch bugs here, and there’s sparse plants around because 1) who even eats vegetables for fun? And 2) it’s winter- aka no edible plants. Sooooo…”

“Hmm.” Rush folds his legs and ponders it for a moment. “I eat vegetables for fun! And apparently so does little Tzietel here.”


“Shut up- it’s the only name I could come up with on short notice.”


“Seriously. Stop it. I can feel your judgement from here.”

Hands held in submission, he insists, “I swear!”

“Fine. ANYWAY. I remember seeing a frozen bag of peas in the freezer… do dragons eat peas?”

“Great question. I guess we can try? Do you mind cooking them?”

“Okay, I’ll do that.” 

Willian ignites his hand again, and the dragon hops into it, rubbing his glittering blue scales against his fingers. She’s cold. Of course, ancients and hoarders live in snowy areas, but they live in warm caverns inside caves or underground. And anyway, tinzel dragons are found in tropical areas. Not here. So why is it here? It doesn’t matter. 

The coin he offers seems to interest Tzietel, and she clutches it close. Rush returns sometime later with a steaming bag of peas. Apparently dragons do eat peas, and they take turns rolling them at her to snatch up.

“So how was your date?”


Rush smirks. 

“Wait, no.”

“It’s too late!” Rush gloats. “You already acknowledged it was a date!”

“It wasn’t a date.”

“Sure seemed like it.”

“It was a “two platonic beings go look at cool things.” And next week we’re looking at more cool things in an antique store because why the freaking heck not.”

“Ah. Mmhm. Antiques.”

“Yes, antiques.”

“But do you like her?”

“Platonically, yes.” He rolls his eyes. “Can you stop grilling me?”

“I can. Would you like me to?”

“Why do you hate me?”

“Don’t say that,” he snaps.

“Sorry.” Tzietel climbs into the warm bag. “But seriously. I think we’re becoming really good friends..? I think?”

“That’s good.” Rush pats Tzietel on the head. “I’m gonna read. Have fun with Tzietel.” 

“Have fun with your book.”

The blankets bunch up as Rush burrows into them, propping the edge of the book onto his chest. Tzietel chirps. Willian gets ready for bed and settles the pot atop the heater, with Tzietel snuggled in one of Willian’s fire-proof gloves and a mountain of spare change. “Night, Rush.” Complete dark.


15 thoughts on “AKOW: my 2 elf bois + a dragon: a scene I might actually use in my WIP!!

  1. girrrrrl_of_two_worlds says:

    i LOVE the name okay don’t be mean to yourself!!
    also the fact that it’s a tinzel dragon and that it’s cold makes me think of Christmas and winter but that’s mildly hilarious because we don’t have either here xD!
    sorry yeah i LUUUURVE zees piece and PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!
    and also the title “actually kind of okay writings” is just SO FUNNY AHAHAHAAHAH!!!
    okay bye i have to do math (ew) (actually no not ew this is a nice-ish topic).

    love always,
    (ps. have you read KOTLC? or do you not like fiction AT ALL? 'cos you radiate the same vibes as silveny-dreams on tumblr. if you're confused, just tell me and i'll explain more okay BYE)

    Liked by 1 person

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