writing prompts based entirely youtube video quotes that one of my friends sent me

yeah I don’t watch much youtube but she sent me a few videos by Lunch Club and they’re all large moods so uh I decided to take some quotes I liked and make them into a post bc why freaking not

also here’s my first writing prompt post if you haven’t read it yet: list of writing prompts

  • “I hate him so much. he acts like he’s so cute and pulls something like that that makes me want to” *gestures angrily like breaking a neck*
  • “I have no regard for life” “anyways”
  • “dearest elephant! I beseech you”
  • “I beat a cow to death” “nice”
  • “oh lord let me die”
  • “yknow Schlatt, you’re dead wrong”
  • “Bam, right on da head”
  • “I don’t wanna think about it cause then I’d have to reflect on it”
  • “maybe you should stop feeding your cat.”
  • “doctor what do you hear” “garbage content”
  • “they saw me so much, there’s no way to explain how much they saw me.”
  • “I’m running out of stamina and I’m running out of pee, my two most valuable resources.”
  • “my problem is that I sound like I have a stroke.”

REad the following in sarcastic “anime boy” voices. (they were pretending to be anime so) THESE ARE SARcASTIC

  • “I’m gonna break your kneecaps! Yeah! Friendship!”
  • “Why is my head so hollow!”
  • “Friendship! I like that! Oh yeah!”
  • “He’s got so much edge, I think I’m gonna get hurt!”
  • “Consider yourself, dead!”
  • “Shake away your bad feelings and trust your friends!”

Okay enough with the anime voice now

  • “hey chad how did God make parking lots”
          • no idea if he actually said chad I don’t care enough to go check
  • “Tell him we are gonna kill his whole family if he doesn’t let us in.” “uh, we have cookie?”


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