monthly recs

who knows when you’ll get another post don’t ask me cause idk because I have absolutely no ideas except for ONE which, El, I promise I’ll do ittttttttttttt at some pointPuple World Autism Awareness Facebook Event Cover



~A List of Cages


~Pirates of the Caribbean

~The Little Mermaid

~Lord of the Rings

~Spider-Man Homecoming


~Doctor Who- (Vincent and the Doctor, School Reunion, Listen, Rose, Arachnids in the UK)

~Sherlock (A Study in Pink)

~Star Wars: The Clone Wars (all the Barriss Offee episodes beCAUSE I actually really love her and yes I got really mad when *that* happened and I may have thrown her lego minifigure across the room but hey I was eight or nine ish I think or maybe ten and now I wish I didn’t lose her minifigure all I have is her head and actually my brother has it which is probably for the best I guess)


~Cool Cat

~Peter Pan soundtrack

~Bohemian Rhapsody (y’know get into classics)

~Thomas O’Malley Cat


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