Sunshine Blogger Award || I think it’s my second one?

Read you lyre tagged me! Thank you so, so much!

What’s your favorite book you’ve read so far this year?

I really liked Waste of Space, Tweet Cute, My Lady Jane, American Royals, Yes No Maybe So, and When Panic Attacks.

What’s your favorite song from your childhood?



I didn’t listen to a lot os music as a kid, but I did really like Larry’s silly songs? And also Disney (tho I didn’t listen to it much).


What’s one of your biggest pet-peeves?

Oh I have many of them I can’t choose. Allow me…

1) when people say they trust me but don’t. (*coughhhhhsssss* my ex-best-friend *cOuHhhHHhhhh*)

2) when people get wayyyyy too obsessed with a famous person and are wayyy too creepy about it (d’ya know what I mean??)

3) whEN lIGHTs ARe oN buT iT’S iN thE mIDDlE of ThE dAY and BrIGht EnOUgh As IT iS.

4) when people bully other people (like kids making fun of someone for being anxious about the coronavirus, telling an oblivious kid that something is cool but makes fun of him behind his back, or just literally being mean to any of my friends) (all are true experiences and I will fItE u) (see this is where my Slytherin comes out)

5) WHEN CHRISTIANS SAY THEY LOVE EVERYONE BUT AHAHAH NO like it gives normal Christians a bad name! Jesus wants you to love everyone! No matter who they are! Is this love? NooOooOooOOo.

6) Uneven things: numbers, pictures, etc. Anything out of order.

I don’t know if these are “pet peeves” cause some of them are serious issues but they annoy me so there.


If you could be any book character, who would you be?

All the book characters do things. I don’t want to do things! Don’t make meeeeee. Ugh. Fine. I’ll be Dumbledore, I don’t know.

Wait no he dies


I’d say Ginny but I really don’t want to marry Harry Potter. Ew.

Also I’m too Ravenclaw?

But I like myselffff I don’t want to be anyone elseeeeeree

Okay fine McGonagall

(idk why I didn’t pick anything non harry potter but yknow who cares)


What’s your most unpopular bookish opinion? 

Raven Cycle is boring.

Fight me.


What is your funniest anecdote from your childhood? (This is heavily inspired by the question about embarrassing moments)


Fine. (it’s more embarrassing than funny for me, but y’all will probably think it’s hilarious) (rip me)

In middle school, I was t e r r i f i e d  of my drama teacher. (she’s okay now idk what was going on with her then. No offense to her of course)

And she asked me to get some props, and to hurry, because there’s not much time to go over everything.  And me, being the innocent angel I am, agreed. So I go to the room and I cANNOT find them. So it takes a few minutes and I bOLT to the gym. But then I trip.

I trip.

And I fall.

And the box slides across the floor (about 3 or 4 yards. I’m not kidding) with an agonizing swish,

my rubber shoe soles pierce the air with a squeak

and I’m down.

And also my knee is bleeding.

But I just get back up and pretend nothing happened and did my entire rehearsal with a bleeding, extremely painful knee. Also I am literally almost crying from embarrassment.

So yeah that was a hilarious thing that happened.

Why’d I even go into this?


What’s an OTP that was never canon, but you wish it was?

Nevilla (Neville and Luna… I came up with a better ship name xD)

Also Mysterio and the Wicked Witch are also a big OTP of mine… ahahahh.


You are about to get into a fight, what song comes on as soundtrack? (This isn’t mine, I found it on the internet but I’m really curious)

It depends on the fight, tbh.

A words fight? (You’re going down. Especially if I’m right) It’d be Duel of the Fates!

A physical fight? (I’d probably lose. Unless it was against my brother) The Peppa Pig theme song.


Do you have a favorite childhood TV show?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars was my favorite (and only) TV show I really watched (except for Blues Clues and Max and Ruby when I was four) (and those shows were amazing and none of the nEwFanGlEd tv shows can ever top them)


How did you find out that Santa isn’t real? (This one isn’t mine either)

I never believed in Santa.

And, being the Ravenclaw I am… I “accidentally” spoiled it for several people.

Hey don’t judge I was like six leave me alone.

And then ten (ish).

And I’m NOT sorry!

I hate to see people live a life of lies.

They deserve the truth.

and I’d do it again


Do you believe in astrology? If so, do you think your sign represents you?

Astrology is cool, but horoscopes… ehhhh. I think I’m a cancer?? Which represents my personality- I am a cancer on this world (I’m jokinnngggggg. I think)


SO that’s that! And being the lazy gorl I am I just tag literally everyone who is reading this. Is that how it works? I don’t know and I don’t care.


25 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award || I think it’s my second one?

  1. ~Kerys says:

    Tweet Cute, American Royals and Yes No Maybe So are so amazing! McGonagall is awesome and i kindaaa get what you mean about the raven boys but i still love it so 😂 wait nevilla doesn’t happen in the book?? nooooo loved reading your answers! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. xoxlucy says:

    Heheheh congrats!!!! 🎉😂💕Neville and Luna are awesome together and they should have really ended up together. I have so many ships that JK Rowling did not include in the book but, Neville and Luna are definitely one of my a favorites!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. horseypotterjediwarrior says:

    you could be a vegetable Pirate who doesnt do anything. (someone will get my reference)

    Sent from Outlook

    Liked by 1 person

  4. El says:

    I’ll balance out some of the Raven cycle hate you’re probably getting – I read the first book before I knew any of the hype & from what I can remember it was ok? I definitely never felt compelled to continue it & idk i think I found it a little too overtly weird (like almost cliched but that’s not the right word?)

    Liked by 1 person

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