Monthly Recs

HELLo tHERe  it’s that time again


The Twits by Roald Dahl. It’s short and simple and it’s also my favorite RD book so GO FORTH AND PROSPER I guess.

My Lady Jane : I really like this book- prObAblY among my top 10 favorites of this year? Mayyybeee?

Gods at War by Kyle Idleman: it’s a book about idolatry!!! Much fun! (seriously though he just says stuff like it is and does not adopt the “snuggie theology” he talks about in Not a Fan xD)


Gravity Falls: As I’ve said, I’m stuck in that fandom now with no escape. Come and join me.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: I rewatched this recently and I think it’s in my Top 3 disney movies. YES it is. 1) Robin Hood 2) Ratatouille 3) The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Of course, it might change, but it’s definitely up there.


I’m saying Queen just because I can

Also You’ll be Back. That’s a good song.

Also the Wicked soundtrack is great!

ANNNND all the Frozen 2 songs. Cause why not.


11 thoughts on “Monthly Recs

  1. Charlotte says:

    I so need to read My Lady Jane soon!! And do you mean the version of Robin Hood where the characters are foxes? If so I haven’t seen it in years but I definitely loved it so much!! I should really start trying to rewatch some of the old Disney animations.

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