Review: Squirrel Girl comics

I have been reading Squirrel Girl comics for 3 weeks straight and got up to issue 16 I think?

I really hope she joins the MCU thats would be FANTASTIC

This isn’t going to be TOO long but here’s the basic premise: Squirrel Girl, a college student with the powers of squirrel and girl, fights crime with her pet squirrel Tippy Toes, her roommate Nancy, and occasionally the Avengers. (Also she has a collection of AWESOME bad guy cards made by Deadpool)




  • Doreen Green
    • Fantastic
    • Is definitely not Squirrel Girl
    • Loves annoying Tony Stark
    • Powers of girl
  • Squirrel Girl
    • Unbeatable
    • Powers of squirrel
    • A squirrel tail that Doreen definitely does not have
    • Has met Howard the Duck
    • Loves annoying Iron Man and all the Avengers
    • In love with Thor
  • Nancy Whitehead
    • Likes knitting and cats
    • best roommate
    • wore a suit of squirrels once
    • Loves Loki
    • A mood
  • Tippy Toe
    • Will fight for Doreen
    • Lead an army of squirrels on several occasions
  • Mew
    • Nancy’s cat
    • The Best
  • Chipmunk Hunk
    • not my favorite but still great
  • Koi Boi
    • can talk to fish
  • Mrs Green
    • Doreen’s mom
    • Fantastic, just like her daughter
    • Needs a new hobby


On a scale of mini enigmos to a bag of assorted nuts:

Squirrel Girl’s theme song (8)




what do you think of squirrel girl? Should she join the MCU? Who would you fancast? Have you read any of these? Peanuts or acorns?j


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