Updates on my Writing

Some updates and random bits and a LOT of screaming internally at how difficult this is. Somehow, February is even worse than January. 2020 is so bad how did we think it would get any better? We were IDIOTS. Okay, on to writing.

  • I am in an essay contest. I will be competing five days after my play. I had a practice/competition against this guy named John to see who would compete in the state championship thing. And I won. I wrote about Dr Who and the Queen of England. (sounds ridiculous and bad bUT IT ISN’T I PROMISE. HENCE WHY I WON THE MINI COMP)
  • I am at 101 pages of Zenith of the Sea. And I am stuck with nowhere to go.
  • I started writing bits and pieces of Different Deductions, which I ghosted for many months.
  • I’m working on the Otherworldly outline and am massively inspired by Huckleberry Finn and now I’m trying to decide if my character should fake his death at the beginning of the book or the end or not at all.
  • I also wrote fanfiction on a novel Danny is writing even though she only has two pages. It’s okay, my fanfic is one fourth of a page but very relatable. Here’s that scene because why not. And Jeb, oh Jeb, is such a stalker. but I stan.

Jeb adjusts his brown Food Mart vet and wipes the counter casually. Floris enters, and Jeb’s composure slips completely. Floris. Jeb loves every part of her- from her bright sea green hair to patchwork poncho and slightly manic grin plastered on her face. Gorgeous.

“Hello Floris, how was your day,” he asks the buggy eyed pigeon figurine on his register. It’s that simple. “I like your magenta scarf.”

The pigeon just goggles at him.

“Why is this so haaaaaaaa-” Jeb trails off. Floris is coming over.

She smiles and asks, “Excuse me, sir. Do you know where the ultra clear water is? My parrot can only drink the purest water or he’ll screech for hours.”

Jeb stares at her for a moment before blurting, “I will get the ultra clear water for you right now.” He sprints to the drinks section, plucks a bottle of Springy’s Springiest Spring Water and returns. He thrusts the bottle in her hands. “Here, Floris, I hope this is suitable for Orson!”

Floris throws him a weird look. “I don’t think I mentioned my parrot’s name…”

“Oh no, you did!”

“I’m sorry, have we met?”

Jeb’s fragile hopes and dreams are crashed to the sticky linoleum as Floris turns on her heel, a slightly freaked grimace on her face. The pigeon’s googly glare says, nice delivery.

  • I’m planning a Palpatine short story. Cause why not.
  • I suddenly realized I have TOO MANY projects as I just blurbed an idea about a guy who snarks around with an animagus-like lady in the jungle with his little sister who does everything right and fights this evil guy like an Ant-Man character. (not saying who bc it’s a brilliant idea) I don’t understand how to stay on one task. I NEED ALL THE PROJECTS AT ONCE.
  • Also I wrote an extremely weird history assignment while sick and turned it in and (luckily) got a 100%. I will be sharing this assignment shortly because it is SO bad idk how I got 100%.




9 thoughts on “Updates on my Writing

  1. Emma @ AFCTL says:

    Always love reading your updates Beck!
    Your writing is amazing and I love it sm through your updates!
    If you find a way to manage all your projects at once PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE I NEED TO KNOW HOW
    – Emma 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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