The Phobia Book Tag

I stole found this at Emma’s blog! THANK YOUUUU!!

Here is the warning that Katie and Emma put on their own posts :

  • A few things I want to talk about before we get started: First, if you have a phobia I can assure you that I will NOT be adding any photos of the phobia to this post. I find the idea of phobias to be extremely interesting (did you know that there is a phobia for knees?) so I’ve tried to link each phobia back to a (hopefully) reliable and reputable source of information if you want to learn more about any of the phobias I have in this tag!
  • Phobias and any sort of anxiety is very serious, but surprisingly there are quite a few people out there who are unaware of the impact that things like this can have on someone’s life. With this tag, I want to bring attention to these very real fears in the hopes that this can educate people in a fun way, while also providing information that may help someone else. This list does also include a phobia that I myself have (so don’t go thinking that I’m making fun of anyone with a phobia), and each phobia can have varying levels of severity. Some people can have full on panic attacks, while others have only mild anxiety. Most people who have a phobia realize that their reaction is irrational, but cannot stop the panic and anxiety they cause. If you are interested in learning more about phobias in general, check out this website, or this article that gives a bit of background on the science behind phobias.
  • *Phobias can have a real impact on your life and well being. Many people have phobias, and they are often treatable. I’ve tried to find links that are accurate, but as this is the internet, PLEASE take any concerns you may have regarding your health and wellbeing to your doctor.

  • Answer all 15 prompts.
  • Answer honestly.
  • Tag at least one person.
  • Link back to this post.
  • Remember to credit the creator. (Katie @ Melting Pages)
  • Have fun!

🌷 Aichmophobia (Fear of Sharp Objects) 🌷
Name a book with assassins or warriors

Aichmophobia is the fear of sharp objects such as scissors, knives or needles. This is similar to Belonephobia which is a fear of of pins and needles while Aichmophobia is a fear of a variety of sharp objects.

I have to put The Queen of Nothing because what else would fit?


🌷 Agoraphobia (Fear of Public Places) 🌷
Name a book with amazing world building

Agoraphobia is mainly the fear public places, so I decided to twist this to a book with world building (get it? public places=outdoors=world building).

The Hunger Games. It’s an *ACTUALLY INTERESTING*  dystopian world which is rare. I love it.


🌷 Bromidrophobia (Fear of Body Odors) 🌷
A book that left a bad taste in your mouth

Generally, bromidrophobia is considered the fear of perceived body odors, and is often linked with OCD in the form of compulsive washing.


And obviously my answer is The One Thousandth Floor (i actually forgot the name for a second there)


🌷 Gerontophobia (Fear of the Elderly) 🌷
A book with amazing older characters

Gerontophobia is the fear of getting old or a fear of the elderly, mainly due to the inevitability of death. To combat this phobia, I made the prompt about fantastic older characters to show that getting old doesn’t mean you can’t do amazing things.


I mean, Dumbledore isn’t the best human but he is POWERFUL and just as eccentric as I wanna be when I’m old.

AND McGonagallllllllllllllll omjg I love her


🌷 Gynophobia (Fear of Women) 🌷
A book with a powerful and strong female character

I can’t define this phobia any better than this website: “Historians say the term arose to define the fear men experience of being humiliated by women, namely by emasculation.” This is also known as misogyny, but to the extreme. Women are so incredibly strong, so I wanted this prompt to be about a strong female character, whether that’s physical or emotional strength.

I desperately wanna pick Harry Potter again (Hermione Ginny Luna Tonks McGonagall etc)

But I feel like that’s cheating

*stares at bookshelf for a long while*

Fine. throwing in my obvious answer (if I had a dollar everytime I mentioned these books I could literally be Smaug in a cavern of gold)


I love Moxie. She’s fantastic and realistic and justaicgrubhkjikjnhubjvcgdrftgyhukinhjb.


🌷 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (Fear of Long Words) 🌷
A book with a ridiculous title

Did you think I made that word up? I didn’t, but it’s crazy that the phobia for fear of long words is….a long word. This isn’t an officially recognized phobia and is considered to be a social phobia. This website has a lot of interesting information on this phobia! Now, a ridiculous title can be whatever you want.

Oh my goodness this word brings back a random weird memory from elementary school omjg.


So many?

Hand in the Wall I think is pretty ridiculous.

Why is there a hand in the wall?

I wanna know.

Is it metaphorical?

Also the clock on the cover

idk yall


🌷 Necrophobia (fear of the dead/death) 🌷
The worst (or best) character death

While it is common to be afraid of death, necrophobia is a debilitating fear of death so much so that it can disrupt a persons life, sometimes even to the point of cutting themselves off from the outside world.


There are so many so let me just remember them all.

Lupin, Sirius, Tris, FINNICK, Dumbledore, FRED, Tonks, etc etc etc I’m trying to think of not Harry Potter characters but ALAS, eARWAx.


🌷 Nomophobia (Fear of Being Out of Mobile Contact) 🌷
A book featuring the loss of technology

Being without a mobile device or out of mobile contact is something that is a growing fear in today’s world, but when it becomes an irrational, uncontrollable fear it becomes nomophobia. For this prompt, choose a book where technology is lost or is in danger of being destroyed.

I’m picking a TV show cause I have no idea for a book.

I’m picking Spearhead from Space cause the Doctor’s TARDIS isn’t working cause the Gallifreyans decided he was being irresponsible and shut it down.


🌷 Nyctophobia (Fear of the Dark) 🌷
Your favorite dark book

Fear of the dark usually happens because you cannot see what’s around you in the darkness and is pretty common (I mean, who isn’t afraid of the dark?) but nyctophobia is the EXTREME fear of the dark and can disrupt a persons sleep patterns and daily life. For this prompt, I’m twisting it a bit for a book that covers darker topics and themes.

OooooOooooOooooOOhhh *muahahahahahahahaha*

Definitely A Thousand Perfect Notes

it’s so sad and the mother is so mean so it’s dark in that sense. Also the definite depression.

🌷 Pathophobia (Fear of Disease) 🌷
A book that you see everywhere and have no interest in contracting reading

If I had to choose one phobia on this list that could potentially cause the most issues for a person, I would say (in my completely unprofessional opinion) that it would be pathophobia because it could be so severe that it could keep a person away from hospitals or doctors offices, and therefore could lead to poor healthcare.

The City of Bones series (tho I wanna read Queen of Air and Darkness purely bc it’s 900ish pages or whatever)

But i tried and…. no


🌷 Philophobia (Fear of Love) 🌷
A ship you just can’t get behind

Philophobia is the fear of emotional attachment; fear of being in, or falling in love.” Philophobia can even impact a person’s relationships with family and friends, as it can impact non-romantic love as well as romantic love. For this prompt, name a ship (relationship) that you just can’t get behind!

Tris and Four.









🌷 Somniphobia (Fear of Sleeping) 🌷
A book you wouldn’t want to read before going to bed

Somniphobia, also sometimes known as hypnophobia, is the fear of the thought of going to sleep and can be caused by trauma, PTSD, or sleep disorders including insomnia, sleep paralysis, or nightmare disorder, among many other things. For this prompt, choose a book that would keep you up all night!


I listened to the audiobook at night once and I could NOT fall asleep because it was so sad.

 Trypophobia (Fear of Holes) 🌷
A book that you fell down the reading hole with (a book you binged)

The final phobia for this tag is trypophobia, which is the fear of holes, specifically closely-packed holes. This phobia makes people queasy, and is actually the phobia that I have. This isn’t an officially recognized phobia, but can be triggered by objects that have small holes gathered close together like in a lotus seed pod.

I binge all books?

But I binged many Roald Dahl books recently (I am SO excited to reread The Twits)


6 thoughts on “The Phobia Book Tag

  1. Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

    This is a fun tag and I loved your answers!!
    Yes Dumbledore was a great ‘old’ character, I loved how he had the wisdom and the eccentric side (I loved his obsession with lemon sherbets). He was also so calm (in the books lol) and I liked that he wasn’t shown to be perfect as well!!
    I don’t want to read The Mortal Instruments either but I already feel like I know the characters as so many people talk about them aha!!

    Liked by 1 person

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