Where I Blab About Some of My Favorite Authors Don’t Mind Me

Okay. I need to talk about some of my fave authors STAT. So here I am. Three of them. No four? Four.

me running to spend my life savings on their books

Suzanne Collins

She got me into YA. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE The Hunger Games SO MUCH you have no idea. I am, according to Buzzfeed, Peeta (which is awkward cause my bro got Katniss but we’re not talking about that) and I am SO happy because PEETA IS MY BOI



And I am on tin and peedles waiting for Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes I am SO EXCITED I can’t waiiiiiiiittttt. But alas, I must wait in agony to reread the hunger games because I want to read them leading up to the release of BSS!! Ugh.

Suzanne Collins is a genius, okay?!

*Goblin cackle* MY PRECIOUSSSSS

C G Drews (paperfury!!)

I just finished binging all her writing posts and she was the one who helped me whip my disgusting writing (see all my worst writing posts) into order and create something decently readable!

I have many of her posts bookmarked and I go over them ALL THE TIME. Though I get tempted to compare myself to her but I DON’T. (somehow)

This one is super helpful I read it all the time. I have so much issue with coming up with ACTUAL PLOT (see FTIDKTT wherein I wrote 300 pages of nothing) Seriously just read it and you will immediately find inspiration. Also I never ever used to outline anything and now I outline… somewhat…

THIS ONE::::::: How To Outline Your Novel (Without Biting Your Own Head Off)

And onto her books:




I need about 108556792+ more.

I have both her books and (i hope this is ok xD) I have that deleted scene printed and I keep it inside TBWSH cause I LOVE HER WRITING THAT MUCH, OKAY? Seriously tho when that short story came out I nearly died cause it was so good.

I need to stop gushing

like rn


also pls go follow her if you don’t because she is…

Roald Dahl

I have read almost every single one of his children’s books and I am currently in a spread-out reread. I LOVE THEM EVEN MORE THAN I DID



JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH this is actually my least favorite but I still LOVE IT


I could go on and on and on and on.

I love how he exaggerates everything and makes the evil guys so ridiculously bad and how eccentric literally everyone is wow. It’s so ravenclaw though!


I have no idea what this lady’s like but all of her books are AMAZING

They’re so creepy but have a logical explanation (aka IT COULD HAPPEN IRL)

They are the perfect amount of spook one needs to thrive.


I need more

I have no idea when her next book is coming out

But I need it


IF YOU’VE BEEN FOLLOWING ME FOR A SHORT TIME, YES, I RANT A LOT. SORRY NOT SORRY. Also what are some of your favorite authors?


12 thoughts on “Where I Blab About Some of My Favorite Authors Don’t Mind Me

  1. Sophie @ Me and Ink says:

    Yes favourite authors are the best!! And I am loving all the doctor who/david tennant gifs!! (it is what I need in life)!!

    Cait does write amazing posts and books, I still need to get to her first book though!! I look forward to see what she does next though!!

    Roald Dahl is a classic author!! I remember reading The Witches when I was younger and it was weird and slightly scary but I think that was my favourite!!

    Great post!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beck @ SMELLFOY CAN READ says:

      Ahahaha thank you! I am *obviously* obsessed but they are just rusiaocnntlspqspxjnrnskso fantastic

      I HOPE YOU READ IT SOOOOOOOON OR FIND A COPY SOMEWHERE OR SOMETHING yes I know I would read anything she wrote tbh. Even just a post it note of something, I don’t really care

      I HAVEN’T READ THE WITCHES IN SO LONG I FORGOT WHAT IT’S ABOUT I have like 20 of his books on hold rn so I’ll probably get that one too

      Thank you so much for reading! Have a fantastic February!

      Liked by 1 person

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