Monthly Recs

NEW THING! I’m recommending books based on the month! Y’know- birthstones? Monthly rocks? WELL MONTHLY BOOKS. Here’s some of my favorites you should 3000% read this January (and anytime)

The Boy Who Steals Houses

This book is set in January, right before a new school year, and will break your heart. ALWAYS. *Always*


Pilgrim’s Progress

There are large themes of new beginnings in this book, and there are good morals to learn that could help you mature this year, even if you aren’t religious. (or not a christian. Christianity isn’t technically a religion.)


The Lorax

With all this pollution and climate change, the Lorax can remind you that he speaks for the trees and UNLESS someone cares, nothing will get better. (Some people really need to hear this)


Truly Devious

Since the THIRD BOOK is coming out soon, you HAVE to (re)read this series. It’s perfectly mysterious and will keep you wondering until the end. Unless if you’ve already read the book, but even then, STILL THERE ARE QUESTIONS





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