december wrap-up

Hi so I guess I’m officially off my hiatus.

Warning: This’ll be a HUGE mess

Also there are potentially spoilers for Rise of the Skywalker but only if you’re very observant


Waste of Space by Gina something

Gina is a gina-us! Ba dum tiss. Seriously tho. THIS BOOK IS AMAZINGNNGNGNNGng! GO READ IT IF YOU HAVEN’T. It’s about people being stuck in fake outer-space and it’s not very plotty but it’s very charactery and I looooove charactery books.

Heartless by Marissa Meyer:

Kinda annoying tho because I just reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hate it when prophecies have to be fufilled to the T. Like, why couldn’t Jest become the murderer, and Hatta become a monarch (marries White Queen or something- never said it had to be a Hearts monarch) Cath becomes the martyr (extremely plausible) and then the raven could go mad (not surprised tbh)

That ending was so cliche I hated it BUT I STILL LOVED THE BOOK. I mean, I understand that it’s an Alice and Wonderland retelling but I didn’t like how it ended EXACTLY like the book had everything.

I just really hate it when prophecies are fufilled exactly as expected. UGh.


Teenager in Love by Dion and the Belmonts

So This Is Love from Cinderella

Southern Nights by someone I’m too lazy to look up the name

Arabian Nights from Aladdin 2019


I read almost no posts this month (mostly bc I was on hiatus, sorry)

So here’s a Reylo gif


I figured out (possibly) what FTIDKTT (Otherworldly) is gonna be. It’s contemporary but in a fantasy world. ALSO a series. There aren’t many contemporary series, (I can only think of one- To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before) so, why not? (Tho there are more fantasy-contemporary series: like Harry Potter and Queen of Nothing- but they’re super super fantasy and not really what I have in mind- it’s kinda confusing)

And I wrote almost nothing of ZotS… Just some editing and rewriting… aha. I’m almost done with my outline and I don’t even have 100 pages so I might add a second POV to spice things up/ add meat to those gangly bones.

But! I wrote many, many more pages of fanfic on my own books! SO useful!


Emergency Contact


(technically I got for christmas) The Guineveve Deception



I’m gonna have a post on this (warning: I get screamy and sad)

Probably something else but rn, I’m stuck on RotS

I just ctb fshrujrsyhcj8ivurgywfhrjifhbuisdjfkuhuidfyjuikkyhd8jijys

This awful Hallmark movie

It’s about this guy who gets amnesia who falls in love with a girl who works at a bookstore and it’s SO CLICHE omjg I can’t STAND hallmark movies. My mother made me turn off Doctor Who THEN Newsies for that trash.


Umm… Doctor Who. The Mandalorian.


  • I got the cast list and I’m a tree. And a ‘beautician.’ Whatever that is.
  • Christmas
  • I got two giant ursula pop figures FOR FREE because Amazon can’t take care of their stuff (aka both are broken so I got a refund and can keep both. And it’s an easy fix, so YAY)
  • My bro got Battlefront for Christmas and OMJG IF YOU EVER HAVE THE PLEASURE TO PLAY IT, CHOOSE KYLO REN OR DARTH MAUL it’s so much fun to slice droids in half, and jump around and use the force. UGh. FUN
  • I’m that person who gets socks for christmas and it’s gotten out of hand. Just call me Dobby. I actually have a separate dresser drawer for socks now??
  • I’m SAD because in something I watched/read (not saying which sorry) and MY FAVE CHARACTER DIED.
  • ALSO I went to the mall with my friend for her birthday. I was going to go five months ago but it had to be rescheduled… haha happy early birthday…
  • I’m still super sad from the death I have a dark little hollow of despair in my chest WHY I don’t understand why anyone would DO that (tho I do have an *evil* plan for one of my books *muahahahauahahahahas while crying*
  • I also had a midnight panic attack! Super fun!
  • Play practice. I’m second tree. Also the song we have is interestingly hard and we quote Romeo and Juliet
  • I went to the mall with my friend for her birthday, and I found a Mary Poppins hot Topic exclusive funko pop for THREE DOLLARS. THREE DOLLARS.
  • I also bought Trelawney and a Ginny keychain because there was a great sale bUT that’s beside the point.
  • I met a fellow fangirl and she’s fabulously hufflepuff. She loves literally everything I love and it’s great. But sadly she’s in other classes than I am so… will I ever see her? Probably not. But we went to Barnes and Noble together and recommended many many books to each other… probably louder than we should’ve xD. ALSO she writes too!


Go to the library (I haven’t been to the library in a month, RIP me)


Nail Wizard of Oz auditions??

Yup (tho I didn’t get the part. but I still nailed it)

Post three times a week

lol no

Get to 100 pages of Zenith of the Sea

lol no

Reread Harry Potter

lol no


Post at least once a week

Get to 100 pages of Zenith of the Sea

Read at least one new book I bought and review it

Become more active again

Buy Library of Lost Things because I’ve been waiting for two and a half months to get it and I’m dying

Don’t worry about these goals (I don’t usually- just reminding myself)


A few things I’m super excited about that I got for christmas because I’m just excited leave me alone. Yeah I know I’m a grinch but ok


Also, a MYSTERIO sweatshirt bc let’s be real, I haven’t annoyed everyone with my obsession enough

ANDDDD I got the Far from Home DVD from my grandma (can you see I’m not obsessed)

Also I got the Doctor Who 11th series (with 13) and I’m super excited to watch it!

and… MINI SHARPIES> I just had to mention the sharpies

Annnnd (I’m just basically listing everything bc I’m excited about everything) I hAve a DoCtOr wHo mUg wiTh a WeePiNg aNgeL and when it gets hot the angel disappears and reappears somewhere else on the mug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ANnnd (sorryyy ) I JUST HAVE TO MENTION: I GOT MY FIRST OWLCRATE BOX! THE TALES OF TRICKERY ONE! I have a post about it and it’ll come up soon AH I’m excited.

Annnnd that’s a wrap

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    btw, Jyn is really fun to play on SW Battle Front
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