Another bit of fanfiction of my own books that I haven’t finished and it makes NO SENSE but it’s still fab

wow. okay. As you know, I am an expert in writing unrealistic fanfic on my own books. It’s super weird, because there’s an omniscient narrator then switches to Dahlia and I really really REALLY don’t know what’s going on, but I thought you’d enjoy it, so HERE!

Snow pelts from the sky, harassing five figures hunched in the cold. Willian cracks the door open, and the visitors slip in, kicking the snow off their boots. “Merry Christmas y’all.”

“Hi Willian,” Bethah grins. “Thank you for inviting us!” Felicity and Sammy nod in agreement. Eddie abandons Cas to tackle Scarlet in a hug. Rush waves at Sammy, trying to dislodge the toddler clutching his legs. 

Get off, Charlotte! GET OFF.” Rush escapes from her grasp and hurries to Sammy, brushes a bit of snow off his shoulder, and snatches him into a hug. 

Felicity and Bethah are chatting with Verity. Ash and Cas are standing, exasperated, behind their girlfriends who are cooing over the baby, Wilbur.

“He’s so cute!” Eddie pats Wilbur’s curls and he grins a gummy smile.

Ash and Cas glance at each other and roll their eyes to the floor, grimacing and shoving their hands in their pockets.

A knock pounds on the door, and Willian lets in Briz, Dahlia, and Fame. “Hey, Fame! How have you been?” He and Fame hug. Briz gravitates to a woman with black hair and a leather jacket and they begin talking about jackets and makeup styles. Dahlia eyes Rush from behind Spence.

When Dahlia walks in, she’s overwhelmed by all the noise and people: but it’s a good kind of overwhelmed. She hasn’t met most of these people, but she knows Willian and Verity. She acknowledges Willian with a nod, and surveys the room. Her heart flutters then fails. Who. Is. That? He’s wearing an emerald sweater with wooden buttons and an intricate knitting design, which compliments his bright strawberry curls. Lines crinkle around his cobalt eyes when he smiles. He scrunches his freckled nose and adjusts his glasses. Holy crap he is so cute.

Dahlia wanders over to Sweater Boy, tucking her pink hair behind her ears. She glances up, struggling for words, overwhelmed by her emotions. He is so cute oh my gosh. What, so I say my name now? What am I supposed to say? Just play it cool.  “I’m Dahlia.”


Dahlia waits, frozen, eyes averted. Was she too awkward? After an agonizing moment, Sweater Boy shakes her hand vigorously.  His eyes light up, and he introduces himself. “Hi. I’m Rush.”

“I like your wings.”

“Oh.” He noticed my wings the noticed my wings he likes my wings. Her wings twitch at the thought of him looking at them. Pipe it down, she tells them. “Thank you.”

His eyes sparkle familiarly and asks, “I heard you have magic, too?”

Dahlia swallows. “I can control light.”

“That is so cool!” Rush’s smile widens with sincere amazement. “I mean, I have magic, but none of it’s as cool as yours. You control light? Like, can you make everything go dark?”

“I mean, I could darken this room completely, but on a sunny day I’d get a bit dizzy.” She shrugs. “What does your magic do? And are you a creature or are you a wizard?”

“Oh, um. I can control objects… like so…” He levitates a few books with a stream of sunny sparkles. “It’s not that interesting. And I can sense danger, but most of the time it’s just anxiety.” He laughs. His laugh is amazing and breathy and ahhh! “But I’m a Ril elf… aka the common elf. But your magic is amazing.”

“Thanks.” Don’t blush stop blushing STOP BLUSHING. 

Rush turns away, and for a second she thinks he’s leaving. But he really has someone by the arm. The someone has blonde hair, grey eyes, and is super tall. She cranes her neck. “This is Sammy. Sammy, this is Dahlia.”

“Hi,” he whispers.


“Hey Rush!” Another tall guy with a sweater identical to Rush’s except for the waves him over.

“Hang on!” Rush shakes Dahlia’s hand again. “Nice to meet you, Dahlia.”

After a few awkward moments with Sammy, Dahlia gravitates to Briz and another girl with dark -almost purple- hair. She peeks over her shoulder, and catches a glimpse of Rush. Rush is nothing compared to even Malf Glittern. Sue me.

so yeah no idea what this is I hope you enjoy it… ahaha. this is weird but ooOkay ttye!

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