Star Wars In General

So um I wrote about this in a detailed comment to Ellyn BUT I decided to make this a blog post. Star Wars has been my main fandom all my life so here’s some interesting star warsy things that happened throughout my life.

I was eight when I watched Star Wars for the first time. My first EXPOSURE, however, was through my younger cousin. I remember seeing Yoda in Target and how my cousin said it was from Star Wars.

Next thing I know we’re watching A New Hope. I LOVED it. I especially loved Han Solo and Princess Leia (especially their relationship….. first ship, I think) I LOVED IT I remember thinking about it ALL WEEK. And then, the next week, I watched The Empire Strikes Back. When Han Solo was frozen in carbonite, I was literally actually depressed until I watched the next movie. I couldn’t eat and I had trouble sleeping and I was just kinda sad. I cried at least once?

And then The Return of the Jedi happened and the cycle went on because I finished the fantastic series. But thennnn! The prequels. I loved them too, but not as much as the originals of course. I LOoooOoooOVed Obi Wan and my brothers and I used to roleplay and I was always Obi Wan. Because we kinda look alike- same hair, same eyes, but we didn’t have the same cool factor but WHO CARES.

My brothers and I would use pool sticks or broom handles to lightsaber fight.

That Christmas I got a jedi robe and Obi Wan’s lightsaber. My brother got Darth Maul’s lightsaber and a fancy light-up Darth Vader’s one. It all spiraled from there. I still have that lightsaber.

*insert picture*

I wrote fanfictions on Star Wars for schoolwork. My brothers and I would play Star Wars alllllll the time, usually starring Breakfast the dragon (my brother) and Luke Skywalker (me)

But then, a couple years later (I was a bit older, but still deeply into the fandom) The Force Awakens was announced. I was obsessed. A new star wars trilogy? YES.

Also I dressed up as princess leia for halloween five years in a row? Then rey. then mcgonagall. Then a siamese cat from lady and the tramp (my best friend was SUPPOSED to match but she decided to be something else. UGH.) and then GILDEROY (we’re up to this year)

I started talking about Star Wars with friends at school. I collected lego minifigures and made (yes, I did. This kinda pinpoints what time this was xD) rainbow loom figures of the characters.  I named everyone a Star Wars name. (I thought it was a good idea at the time xD) I was mad at Kylo for three months because HE KILLED MY FAVE. But then I watched the Last Jedi and realized Reylo was a thing and forgave him xD.

And stuff happened and we’re up to now. The Rise of the Skywalker. Horcruxes???? So many theories andiuijkshbxgfvtvyhgtbuijku.

Anyway that’s my star wars story ahahahhhhhhhahhh.. I just thought it might be interesting.

ALSO: I got a talking tree and a beautician in my play, and I’m pretty happy about the tree because IT’S A 7 MINUTE SCENE + SINGING+ THROWING APPLES. Also the beauticians have a song? so that’s fab

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