Halloween Book Tags

So this is the month of tags for me, so *muahahaha* sorry to all those who hate these. SO um, I have several book reviews planned for next month so I promise it won't be this way foreverrr!!!(I've had one for More Than You Can Tell since September) Also I might actually read my recently bought … Continue reading Halloween Book Tags

mOrE oF mY wRiTinG

Yes, you heard that right! MORE OF MY WRITING. I am going to share a short story I wrote for school. (Super short, because THEY PUT A TWO PAGE LIMIT) (but it's four pages soooooo muahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhhh... I had to shorten it. :() Anyway, I'm hoping to flesh it out, but here's the bit I have … Continue reading mOrE oF mY wRiTinG

My Apocalypse Team: ft people that would be useless (jk)

Thank you, Kelly. Again. Prompt:  Literary characters you’d choose for your zombie apocalypse team. Zombies are coming. They will kill you. Luckily, fictional characters exist, so they can save you! Who do you choose? (I'm putting a limit of 5 people) Okay y'all. Who would I choose? 1 Minerva McGonagall She's an amazing witch and would … Continue reading My Apocalypse Team: ft people that would be useless (jk)