Should Books We Read for School Count Towards Your Goodreads Goal? |DISCUSSION (that may or may not make sense)

*intros are the worst lol*

Should books we read for school count to our Goodreads goal? I’ve wondered about this for a YEAR because I’ve only had my Goodreads for a year. Anyway. DO THEY COUNT?

Schoolbooks are different than other books because we are required to read them, they are usually ‘higher quality’* and they’re sometimes kinda… boring?






I believe you can add schoolbooks to your Goodreads goal because you read them. You spent all that time to READ it! You were quizzed on it! You stressed over remembering every single detail for your nitpicky lit teacher. (Mr. L, you’re fine. I’m talking about others. You do amazing. Okay, continuing) YOU DESERVE TO ADD YOUR WORK!


The only exceptions are: Textbooks. TEXTBOOKS SHOULD NOT COUNT. I’m sorry but they don’t. I’m talking about LITERATURE or research books. TEXTBOOKS DON’T COUNT! Textbooks don’t count because they’re workbooks, usually. There are questions to answer in them and sometimes teachers skip around in them and it’s all a mess. Textbooks are that weird cousin of books… you don’t mess with them unless you have to. And are textbooks on goodreads anyway?


Reasons you SHOULDN’T add your books to your Goodreads:

They may not be the types of books you normally read. You might want to read 50 fantasy books, and adding Siddhartha wouldn’t fit! (Also, Siddhartha is not a book you want to be seen reading- um- I learned that the hard way?? It’s not any worse than an adult-y YA book, but…) You may not want them to count since you didn’t go out of your way to pick out a book at the library and read it. You have no choice with schoolbooks. The sense of accomplishment is different.


But I believe you CAN add schoolbooks to your Goodreads account, but it may vary from person to person. Just don’t stop yourself from adding the books since they may not fit with your typical books read. ADD THEM! You’ll finish faster!


My verdict is: YES! You can add literature/research books to your Goodreads goal!



9 thoughts on “Should Books We Read for School Count Towards Your Goodreads Goal? |DISCUSSION (that may or may not make sense)

  1. Ellyn says:

    I definitely add school books to my goodreads goal, I spent all that time reading them so I want the gratification of seeing them in my goodreads goal stats at the end of the year – though, they almost always bring down my average stars rating! 🤷‍♀️

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