August Wrap-UP: My First Time W/ This Thing

HI! So, first time doing this thing. 


13 books before I finish my Goodreads goal. I’m going to try and read another hundred books by New Year’s. 


Letters to the Lost (Letters to the Lost, #1)

Letters to the Lost

I really enjoyed this book. Declan and Juliet’s character development was A+ 

I LOVED REV! I’m so glad he gets his own book! I hope I can read it soon! 

This book talks about loss, coping, and healing. 



The Boy and Girl Who Broke the WorldThe Boy and Girl Who Broke the World

Billy is the ULTIMATE PUFF oh my goodness I LOVE him. 

Lydia is a bristly Slytherin and an amazing dancer omg.

THIS BOOK IS (basically) ROMANCE FREE! The ‘love interests’ are only actually introduced near the end, which really makes me happy. I LOVE THIS ONE! 

Sorcery of Thorns

Sorcery of Thorns

Elisabeth is kind of the typical YA fantasy protag, but she WORKS! She would fight anything as long as she had her trusty sword. She’s such a Gryffindor. 

Nathaniel is a wizard type guy who has nightmares and breaks out in magic, causing the walls to drip blood and stuff. YES. 

Silas is a Lucius Malfoy-like demon who’s just SO cute and probably a Dark Puff. 


The Thousandth Floor Series. I’m not even adding the Goodreads because it’s that bad. I tried finishing the series, but DNF(ed?) the last book. 

One of the main characters falls in love with her brother. Adopted, but they’ve been siblings for thirteen years, so yeah, he’s her brother. They do it literally EVERY NIGHT and it’s just ugggggggggggggggggggh why is this even in existence help meeeeeeee.

I’m not even talking about the OTHER problematic aspects because this booook. 

NOTHING IS GOOD ABOUT IT yet I (being merciful) gave it two stars. 


JOHN WILLIAMS: Polyjuice Potion, Fawkes the Phoenix, Leia’s theme.

JOHN COZART: Politiclash, Politiclash 2

JUDY GARLAND: Over the Rainbow

DISNEY: Love Will Find A Way

HAMILTON: You’ll Be Back, What Comes Next, I Know Him

LA LA LAND: Lovely Night, City of Stars, City of Stars 2 (I got the CD and downloaded it onto my iPod and I’ve been listening to it on repeat.)

DOCTOR WHO: Blink Suite (it’s beautiful and every time I listen, I get slightly paranoid and check my surroundings for Weeping Angels) 


Roasting In All Genres @Jane Austen’s Lightsaber

It’s just so well-written. Go read it! You will not be disappointed. 

10 Things I Don’t Want To Read About @Paperfury

I agree with literally everything. I love these types of posts that she writes! She’s such a great blogger. GO READ IT!

How To Give Your Blog Posts That Extra Spark @Drizzle and Hurricane Books

Very informative! I found it very useful! Read and be amazed. 

The Cruel Prince; Disappointed but Not Surprised @Written by Prabhleen

I recommended the Cruel Prince to her, and she read it, and she was very honest about what she thought, despite it being SUPER popular. It’s very refreshing to read a kind review of a book she didn’t LOVE. READ IT! 

The Power of Book Covers @A Fictional Bookworm

She talks about how book covers ARE important and how we DO judge the book by its cover. It’s a very well written discussion post. Definitely read. Like, right now. 


ZENITH OF THE SEA: I wrote the entire outline in two weeks (starting Aug 4th)

I have 48 pages of my first draft in two weeks. I’ll give you a snippet (just one) (alright, two)

Screenshot (60)Screenshot (61)

I’m also writing a Wizard of Oz x Spider-Man crossover. Avenger Munchkins, Thor-Glinda, and the power couple Mysterio and Wicked Witch. Nick Fury is (obviously) the Wizard, and he’ll turn out to be a Skrull. 


read go away GIF

All the Bright Places (this huuuuge bookstore with literally THOUSANDS of used books! #heaven) (I got it for half off)

King of Scars (I got it HALF OFF at Barnes and Noble!) 

I also preordered The Queen of Nothing (B&N EXCLUSIVE)


Spider-Man left the MCU and I’m sad bc we can’t see his development with Iron Man’s death or Mysterio ughugughuhuhguh. Sorry.

 I watched Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.  I LOVE these movies so much though. And Jack Sparrow is the perfect Ravenclaw anti-hero I love it!

Venom: better than I imagined. A bit unprofessional and a bit slapped together but I LOVE IT.

I rewatched:

The Last Jedi: why do people hate it?? I love it! And the hand-touchThe throne room fight. Ughghhhhghghg #reyloforever

Avengers: I cried. Like, actually cried. Several tears.  #postendgamefeels

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Why, oh why did they kill Quicksilver so fast


I watched a couple more episodes of Doctor Who but I’m taking it easy and rewatching old ones because I CAN’T WATCH THEM DIE. Anyway, I think my favorite episodes I’ve watched are:

Night Terrors: the creepy dolls are not the ones that scare me, so YES?! Very supernatural-y

The Idiot’s Lantern: The Wire reminds me of my little sister. Ahahahahahaa.

The Titanic: YES YES YES one of my favorites EVER YES. 

Mummy on the Orient Express: Agatha Christie, Doctor Who, space, and Doctor Who references? (are you my mummy + jellybabies) YES! I love this episode to no end. 


I also finished Sherlock! And dying in an aquarium is the #waytogo. It’s so aesthetic wow. And that one with Erus??? AMAZING! She’s the perfect psychopath. And the new Moriarty bits are AMAZING! 


  • I started school! 
    • Morphin celebrate yay spiderman finish GIF
    • They moved to a new building and it’s g  o  r  g  e  o  u  s. And we have space between desks. PERSONAL SPACE! Last year I got stuck next to a guy who had the biggest crush on me and it was the WORST. 
  • I got new books! School books and YA books. 
  • I actually went to a bookstore! *gasp* It was huuuuggggeeeeeeeee. 
  • I went to an aquarium and my mother got some fabulous pictures of me. (I never can get good pictures of myself ahaha)
  • But I’m starting a photography class this year and I’m very excitedddd!
  • My blog actually has readers?? Surprising?? I’m very happy. THANK ALL OF YOU!


Finish Goodreads goal and add 100 more books.

Finish the first draft of Zenith of the Sea

Finish Obsidio: The Illuminae Files.

Post twice a week despite school. 

Get up to 50 followers. (only twentyish more to go!)


14 thoughts on “August Wrap-UP: My First Time W/ This Thing

  1. Nish and Ngoc says:

    100 books before New Year’s?! YOU GO, GLEN COCO 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Also I’m SO glad I never picked up the Thousandth Floor Books bc that is DISGUSTING 🤮

    UM CAN WE TAKE A MINUTE OF SILENCE TO COMMEMORATE SPIDEY’S CONTRIBUTION TO THE MCU?!? 😭 I’m so sad – I really hope Disney & Sony can reach an agreement!!

    Hope you have a fantastic September!! ☺️

    💛 Ngoc

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beck @ SMELLFOY CAN READ says:

      *sorrowful silence* We are here today to remember the loss of the best mcu hero, Spider-Man, who passed from this franchise this past week. He was brave, loyal, and his actor Tom Holland did such an amazing job. We are sorry to see him go.

      But if Tom Holland keeps playing Spider-Man for Sony, I would LOOOOVE to see him in a movie with Venom. (I love Venom so muchh and I love Spidey so muchh it would be GREAT!)

      I’ve hated Anne of Green Gables since I was a child (and when I mean hate, I really mean HATE. It was a thing) but if I had to choose between the Thousandth Floor and Anne of Green Gables to read FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, (which I DNF AoGG everytime I read it) I WOULD CHOOSE ANNE OF GREEN GABLES. it’s that bad. (though, Anne of Green Gables is a well loved book in the world. Just not in mine. I’ve tried soooooooooooo many times to read it but I just CAN’T. uftfghj)

      I hope YOU have a *fantastic* September, too! Thank you for reading! 🧡

      Liked by 1 person

  2. prabhleen @ written by prabhleen says:

    the way i literally SCREAMED when i saw letters to the lost, i loved this book so much im crying. rev was my literal baby, but the book talked about such important topics and it was executed so well😭😭 but like, the thousandth floor….it was published only 3 years ago…why was incest still an acceptable thing to write about????? i can’t believe this book has a rating above 3 stars…

    also THANK YOU so much for the support, you are absolutely amazing and SUCH a sport for taking my criticism so maturely, and always uplifting me. i’ve literally just started blogging and i can’t believe i’ve already found such a supportive friend 😪

    but jheeeezz, you’re gonna read 100 more books in four months?! a literal GODDESS – can’t wait to see you reach this goal! i hope you have a great september, and enjoy school and photography! i’m really looking forward to all your content throughout the school year!!

    ps. i’m eternally jealous of the used bookstore you bought letters to the lost from. it sounds like a dream come true.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beck @ SMELLFOY CAN READ says:

      I knoooooooooooow I’m just waiting for his book to come in at the library so I can annoy all my GoodReads followers by screaming about it

      AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE THOUSANDTH FLOOR LIKE: WHY DOES THIS EXIST? Seriously though I don’t condone book burning but this MIGHT be the exception. AND burning a book sounds fun, so if I ever find a free copy I will totally burn it (assuming it’s legal to light a fire in my neighborhood at the time)

      I just started blogging too (I mean, I posted like TWO posts last year… I didn’t actually start until December… and I had almost 0 followers until June and I didn’t really know how to manage a blog- so I’m just pretending my blog birthday is December) but I usually just try to treat others like I want to be treated (which NO ONE does these days) (ahhahaha I sound like a grandma) BUT I’m glad you consider me a friend. That means a LOT to me and I would consider you one, too!

      And I’ll TRY to read 100 more books ahahaha at least I’m challenging myself. This goodreads goal was a BIT too easy I guess… and since I’m basically slytherin (I’m literally half and half) I like to challenge myself sooo… we’ll see how it goes. 🙀

      ps. the bookstore was such a dream come true: they had an entire loft half filled with music and half filled with Marvel comics ADN half a shelf full of Doctor Who dvds (I sat there for twenty minutes just in awe- I might go back and buy every 10th dr season ahaha if I save my money) ANNND they had three shelves of pop figures (in the boxes) and a rack of pop figures (without the box) and they had an amazing selection. I could gush about this place foreeeeeeeeeeever I’ll have to take pictures next time and write a blog post about it ahaha. It was like the Beauty and the Beast library had become real (but with less aesthetic since it was in a warehouse)

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for supporting ME! And my blog! It really does mean a lot💚💚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. prabhleen @ written by prabhleen says:

    OMG PLEAAAAASSEEE do the bookstore blog post!!!! that sounds like such a good idea like like that would literally just be me vicariously living out my bookstore dreams through you 😍😍

    but also what number book are you on now?? close to 100 i hope?! girl, my timeline just always shows you completing books every day and i just need to know what type of black magic you’re using to finish all these books in such little time 😂😪

    Liked by 1 person

    • Beck @ SMELLFOY CAN READ says:

      ahahaha some of the books I’m updating for other days but I do read at least one book a day? I don’t even know how I do it-even with school and everything. Okay apparently I completed my goal of 200 yesterday (I had no idea wth I just added the books I read ahhhhhh I completed it)


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