Ship It or Rip It: I saw this somewhere and wanted to do it.

I saw this on someone’s blog last month (can’t remember whose) (sorry) BUT. They took character’s names from random books and drew them at random Then, they decided if it would be a great ship or not!

ANYWAY, let’s get going! I’m doing FRIENDships instead of RELATIONships. Because, honestly, there aren’t enough BROtps in the world.

I’m using TV characters and characters from my favorite books.

12th Doctor and Darth Vader

I TOTALLY friendSHIP it! 100%

You know how great it would be? The Doctor showing up in his TARDIS on the Death Star? and they’d become friends! Especially after the turned to the light side. It would be one of those “how are they friends” type of thing but YES. The Doctor + Darth Vader is a YES from me!

darth vader GIFdoctor who guitar GIF


Kylo Ren and Loki.

THE SAD BOIS. I would LOVE to see this relationship, but they wouldn’t be friends. Kylo’s more interested in girls and killing his family members and POWER!

Loki just wants mischief and his brother and, yes, power I guess? But their interests are too different for them to be best friends.

They’d probably kill each other, to be honest.


Rose from Doctor Who and Ginny Weasley.




The ULTIMATE feminist Gryffindor friendship EVER! This is so perfect wth I will never stop thinking about it! They’d totally just sit around complaining about their angsty magical boyfriends obsessed with saving the world. YES!


Awww they’d be such great friends I can’tttt



Captain Marvel and Dorothy Gale

Uhm… I don’t know. I guess I could see it? But Dorothy isn’t really the fighter type… IDK. They both want their homes. They both fight evil green things. They’re both insanely amazing and beautiful.

I guess they’d be friends??? No. I just can’t see it.

captain marvel trailer GIF

See the difference??? (yes I know the old lady’s a skrull but still)


Neville and Luke Skywalker

BEST BROS! They both start out as awkward children (Mr. Vroom Vroom. *coughs*) and they’re both amazing and powerful. Yes. I’d love to see this happen!



10th Doctor and Tonks

Okay, Tonks would be an AMAZING companion. 10 would LOVE Tonks. They’d totally be best friends!



Bilbo Baggins and Teddy Lupin

This is going to be very difficult since we know nothing about Teddy (criesssss)

Okay. Hm. NO.

Bilbo likes staying at home. Quiet. Peace. He’s dragged into the adventure (but when he finally goes, he has fun)

Teddy seems to LOVE adventure.

Well, actually, I think it would work? Teddy would drag Bilbo into adventure and then they’d have a lot of fun! Yes! They’d be friends!


Romeo and Smaug

Romeo would end up trying to kill Smaug. Then Smaug would make Romeo-on-toast.

This would go VERY bad.


Robin Hood and Barty Crouch Jr

A fox with an insane Death Eater? Maybe? Possibly? You know what? No. That Ferret-Malfoy thing is a bad omen (this is kind of a pun… Y’know.. Good Omens? David Tennant? NO? Okay)

This would be very bad.


The Wicked Witch of the West and Mysterio

I kinda want this to happen?? They’d go on about the teenager’s lives that they want to ruin and the articles of clothing they want to steal, too. (Glasses and shoes) It would be AMAZING. I want this to happen so bad. I need fanfiction on this! On all of these, actually.

OH MY GOODNESS this is my new OTP…….. *screams*

(Also Dorothy and Peter Parker would be the BEST. They could team up and fight together!)

Can I just see a Spiderman/Wizard of Oz crossover PLEASE??!

YES! LET THEM BE FRIENDS! But I totally ship it in the romantic sense, too.

“omg Zelena I love you!”                        “aww thanks quentin.”



Also here’s King George because I wasn’t able to squeeze him into the last post.


19 thoughts on “Ship It or Rip It: I saw this somewhere and wanted to do it.

    • Beck @ SMELLFOY CAN READ says:

      Rose is the 9th/10th doctor’s companion (basically best friend that he travels with… also I think they’re in love but I don’t ship it) (I mean, I ship 9 and Rose but not 10 and Rose) (it’s confusing, but that’s Dr Who for ya)

      But they’d totally best friends::: it’s one of my new brotps. 😀

      thank you for readinnnnnggg!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ellyn says:

    OH MY GOD ROSE AND GINNY WOULD HAVE THE ULTIMATE FRIENDSHIP AND EVERYONE ELSE WOULD BE JEALOUS *did you just create a parallel earth headcanon? because I love you for it.

    Tonks and 10? Perfection, they would get along so well!
    Romeo and Smaug! 😂😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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