Books and Movies I’ve Bought Recently

Before we go anywhere with this, I just have to say: Jack Sparrow is a Ravenclaw.

Okay, let’s get into this post now that we’ve got THAT out of the way.


I got Aru Shah and the End of Time for my birthday last month. You can read my review here.I bought myself Six of Crows and the Illuminae Files with some birthday money. And I have yet to read Obsidio, so I have to reread the first two! And I’m going to reread Six of Crows for the fifth time this year. 


I bought The Goblet of Fire and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I still need The Order of the Phoenix then I’ll have all of them!

I also bought The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. It’s a weird choice, but hey, it was only twelve cents. And this book shaped my life in such a way where every loose page I have turns into an Emergency Yoda. I’m known for it now. So *obviously* I had to buy it.

Shiver and Linger are books I still have to read?? I kinda read Linger but I remember nothing except werewolves.


ROBIN HOOD!!! Robin Hood is my  f   a   v   o  r   i   t   e Disney movie EVER. Robin Hood was my first crush, actually. #weirdbutIwas7

Much Ado About Nothing: It has THE MEME HIMSELF Keanu Reeves, Gilderoy Lockhart, EMMA FREAKIN THOMPSON and other people I don’t care about.

Lord of the Rings: I still have to finish these so……………………………………………..

Pirates of the Caribbean: YES! I LOVE THESE SO MUCH YES! I hate Elizabeth SO MUCH tho. She can die.

What books have YOU bought recently?

8 thoughts on “Books and Movies I’ve Bought Recently

  1. emme @ a literary latte says:

    I’m very happy about the Hamilton gifs here so thanks for including them!
    I still haven’t read Six of Crows and although, I won’t lie, it doesn’t 100% appeal to me, I still want to give it a go because the hype makes it sound so good??
    I recently went on a little ebook spree (because they were all 99p!! I couldn’t not) and got Radio Silence, Save the Last Date, Ace of Shades, Second Chance Summer, Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, Crazy Rich Asians & The Foxhole Court. Super excited to get to them!

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    • Beck @ SMELLFOY CAN READ says:

      Sadly, I wasn’t able to squeeze a King George gif in. *cries* He’s my fave character so IDK why I didn’t make it happen… *cries in sad, english, king* He can star in the next post xD

      OOOooooh. Foxhole Court was pretty good! (I remember next to nothing) But I remember that it had some great friendships (and some not great ones)

      And no one will murder you if you don’t like SoC. (People need to learn that NOT EVERYONE likes EVERYTHING you like) But yeah, try it if you can!

      *needs to come up with a less cliche thank you*

      “You’re nothing. But not to me.” ~Kylo Yeah, that totally works. Thank you! 🖤

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    • Beck @ SMELLFOY CAN READ says:

      I binged the entire series a couple weeks ago and the entire time I was distracted by all the ravenclaw. (he’s a ravenclaw anti-hero which isn’t very common. Except half the canon ravenclaws were jerks so…) (unstereotypical ravenclaws in movies are rare too)

      And SoC can be read into oblivion and you can still never be tired of it.

      Thank you so so so much for reading!!!! ❤💚

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  2. Ellyn says:

    ” It has THE MEME HIMSELF Keanu Reeves, Gilderoy Lockhart, EMMA FREAKIN THOMPSON and other people I don’t care about.” 😂 you just summed up perfectly why I have seen that movie! I only care about a few of the cast members, but mainly Keanu Reeves and Lockhart!

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