Writing: What Have I Been Up To?

Yes, I write. A LOT. it’s not too bad, actually. I’m a pretty slow writer (that’s what I get for being a marathon reader, I guess) but I actually finished a few projects! (read: basically none)

So I’m going to explain what I’ve been doing and maybe let you read a few small bits. Okay!


My baby: an epic fantasy that… isn’t… very… epic.

This one is titled: FairyTale IDK the Title.


It’s about three characters who meet after the protagonist, Scarlet, is transported to their world. Rush and Ash travel the country for no reason at all because… *coughs*

I have no plot for this one.

But I’ve been working on the sequel (the first isn’t even finished! this series is a mess) and it’s doing much better. It’s about the rise of the magical creatures against the humans and it’s kinda interesting???


Ash Archer: The Ravenclaw! He’s smart (duh) and loves researching. Also he works in a magical library. He also has a magic book like Hermione’s beaded bag, but it organizes everything for you AND it has information on magical subjects. Ash is also magical himself. He’s also very loyal to his friends/family/those who need protecting. VERY. (You do not want to cross him) He looks like one of my classmates so that doesn’t help. But I did find a gif of him if he was an adult.

Michael would be Ash with a mustache

Rush Wilder: The Hufflepuff! He’s quiet and anxious and sometimes can tell the future. (as in: OH MY GOSH we’re gonna die. And then they almost die) He can also be very annoying when he wants to be. He’s half-elf. (There are two types of basically human elves: Ril elves [Rush] and Tolk elves [basically Legolas] I don’t usually write about Tolk elves since they’re, y’know, Tolkien’s) He looks like me if I was boy with glasses which totally helps you picture him ahahahahahaha.

Scarlet Yearwood: The Gryffindor! She’s a human that fell into Perdita (parallel Earth, basically. If you switch technology for magic) Dorothy of Kansas style. She’s bold and very loyal. She’s also magical (???) but she can’t control it 100% 

Elsie Clyde (I forgot her last name despite the entire scene with her last name so here’s a similar one):The Slytherin! I don’t have much on her character yet (see: unfinished first book) but she’s blind and a rainbow fairy annnd obsessed with poisons. No idea what ethnicity.


Scarlet, Ash, Rush
(they are basically these characters if Amy was with 11)

Here’s a few snippets I severely love from this hot mess:





A Peter Pan retelling! (Untitled) Jenna meets a group of boys (and girl) that hang in the woods after school. Rosemary, (the girl) is her best friend. And they’re all friends. And they pull pranks every now and then. Later, Jenna starts hanging out with a girl named Collien. LITTLE DOES SHE KNOW. Oh yeah eventually Jenna’s attacked by demons and also possessed.

I’ve made progress on this: I’ve finished my outline! It’s 11984 words. I have exactly one page in my first draft…


Felix K Rigby: Ravenclaw?? Slytherin??? Loves poetry but awful at writing it. Stubborn. Creative. A bit cocky, but he speaks softly. He loves Doctor Who and Vaguely Suspicious Caramels (his fave candy) Excels in chemistry.

Jenna Tinkerson: Slytherin! Loves to paint. Lime green pixie cut. She loves drawing, too, and usually hangs out at Sonny Spoon (Dairy Queen) to draw. She’s a bit sneaky and very cunning, actually. (even though she eventually is possessed) VERY STUBBORN. VERY.

Rosemary Butala: Jenna’s best friend. She loves yellow and is actually extroverted, despite being mute. She prefers sign language but will write things out if she has to.

Les Silver: Gryffindor???: He’s the most mature of the group. Basically Sirius Black but with less of a reckless side. He wants to be a psychologist. Will take any dare but will keep others from making stupid decisions. He even looks like Sirius Black, actually.

Scotty Singer: Gryffindor: HE’S JAMES FREAKIN POTTER + Ant-Man which was comPLETELY an accident. I promise? Anyway he sings basically anything (From Snow White to Led Zeppelin) And he has a huge crush on Scarlett Johanssan (that is probably atrocious spelling ahahha) No idea what he looks like though, other than that.

Collien: I haven’t gotten into her character much but she becomes Jenna’s new friend.  I haven’t really gone into her character as much as I should have)


And there’s three other characters but I’m thinking of cutting them, so no mention of them. Sorry… :/



Sadly, there isn’t much since I’ve written literally nothing. Only bullet points + one or two scenes *cries in asgardian*


A Sherlock Holmes retelling! Right now it’s titled Different Deductions but it’ll probably change.


There’s two fraternal twins Jon and Locke (not very original but I’m going to change the names eventually: this is just so I can remember who’s who) Mori, the female Moriarty, tries to kidnap Jon and make Locke figure out all the clues to find him. BUT. She accidentally kidnaps Locke, leaving Jon to figure out the clues. Jon isn’t the genius. Locke is.

I just started this, so I have literally nothing. But it’ll be grEAT.


Jon Fortinbras: Gryffindor

Locke Fortinbras: Ravenclaw

Mori: Hufflepuff (I love dark hufflepuffs)




I literally just started this one this morning but I have the ENTIRE plot planned and a synopsis written, so, YOU GET TO HEAR ABOUT IT!

It’s a pirate story! (I LOVE pirate storiesss!!!) Right now it’s titled Killing the Caribbean but I named it at midnight so:


So, Edith Swain (Eddie) is on a ship. There’s a storm, and the entire crew leaves her to fend for herself. She somehow survives and becomes the most feared pirate. (This part is a bit iffy) But she wants revenge on the pirates who left her for dead. Eventually she meets Caspian, who is a merman/siren. He’s caught in a net and injured so she’s like, screw it I’m helping him. So she does. Also they end up hating each other. (still iffy)

Okay I’m basically writing the whole entire book here let me tone it down.

Eddie wants revenge. Adds a merman to her ship’s crew. (others include a monkey named Misha, Barbette the sea witch, Lauren the genie (don’t ask) and Charley the disabled crocodile (he can talk). (loosely based on Tick Tock + Louis) She eventually does get revenge, but it’s not what she’s hoped.

I’m hoping to SHIP Cas + Eddie (Caspie?) and it’ll be an enemies-to-lovers type of thing. #favetrope


I’m just sorting them into hogwarts houses since I have literally nothing as well.

Eddie: ultimate slytherin

Caspian: hufflepuff/slytherin

Barbette: squib (lol)

Charley: hufflepuff

Misha: gryffindor (though ravenclaw is a close second, I think. She can also talk)


(yes this is a book picture there’s a teensy bit of a comic in the corner)

QUICK QUESTION: How do you block people from following you? This may seem like a weird question, but this random guy keeps following me even after I delete him and it’s honestly giving me anxiety. Much help would be appreciated.


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