August Wrap-UP: My First Time W/ This Thing

HI! So, first time doing this thing. GOODREADS GOAL:13 books before I finish my Goodreads goal. I'm going to try and read another hundred books by New Year's. BEST BOOKS READ:Letters to the LostI really enjoyed this book. Declan and Juliet's character development was A+ I LOVED REV! I'm so glad he gets his own book! I hope … Continue reading August Wrap-UP: My First Time W/ This Thing

Ship It or Rip It: I saw this somewhere and wanted to do it.

I saw this on someone's blog last month (can't remember whose) (sorry) BUT. They took character's names from random books and drew them at random Then, they decided if it would be a great ship or not!

ANYWAY, let's get going! I'm doing FRIENDships instead of RELATIONships. Because, honestly, there aren't enough BROtps in the world.

I'm using TV characters and characters from my favorite books.