Book Review: Aru Shah and the Song of Death

No, my brother wasn’t singing in this book. Surprising, right?

Aru Shah and the Song of Death: by Roshani Chokshi

Aru is only just getting the hang of this whole Pandava thing when the Otherworld goes into full panic mode. The god of love’s bow and arrow have gone missing, and the thief isn’t playing Cupid. Instead, they’re turning people into heartless fighting-machine zombies. If that weren’t bad enough, somehow Aru gets framed as the thief. If she doesn’t find the arrow by the next full moon, she’ll be kicked out of the Otherworld. For good.

But, for better or worse, she won’t be going it alone.

Along with her soul-sister, Mini, Aru will team up with Brynne, an ultra-strong girl who knows more than she lets on, and Aiden, the boy who lives across the street and is also hiding plenty of secrets. Together they’ll battle demons, travel through a glittering and dangerous serpent realm, and discover that their enemy isn’t at all who they expected.

My review/thoughts: 

Aru has to find this thief lady. She meets new people and go on another quest. (yay them) There’s a slytherbucks (yaasss) and Legolas (double yaasss) and angry crabs that, no, can’t sing. 


  • Aru 
    • She’s still amazing as ever
    • ‘Vessel of Movie Quotes’ 
    • She’s scared of a bag of only yellow starbursts??? Yellow are the best???
    • Hogwarts house: Slytherin or Gryffindor.

Aru in a battle

  • Mini
    • WebMD
    • She’s still the anxious little doctor 🙂
    • Apparently, she’s the oldest which: YES
    • She can talk to skulls….?
    • Hates the 5-second rule (same tho)
    • Just a little wannabe goth
      • who can pull off yellow
    • 10093726568% Hufflepuff

  • Brynne
    • She started off as a bit of a showoff- a bit self-absorbed
    • Nah. She’s not. 
    • She’s boisterous and fierce and loyal
    • Also a very good cook
    • She is obsessed with food #relateable
    • Almost (almost) beat a god in a food-eating contest
    • Will protect Aiden with her life and food.

  • Aiden
    • Awkward and adorable
    • Photographer
    • World’s Second Greatest Grandma
    • Would probably marry his camera if he could
      • Named Shadowfax
      • (Also relatable- I named mine WinterSoldier)
    • Has SCIMITARS???!!!!!
    • #smoulderpower
    • “Doesn’t do selfies” (I understand m’dude)
    • #momfriend
    • Has too many snacks/candy
    • Best nicknames EVER: Ammammu, Wifey. Acecakes.
    • RaVeNcLaW (yisss my houseee)

  • Hira
    • I remember literally nothing about this girl except:
      • 1) she can shapeshift
      • 2) she shapeshifted into Arwen at the end of the book
        • That’s all I remember

  • Boo:
    • Too bad he was… absent for most of the book. 😦




  • Naga-Boy:
    • Yes
    • He
    • Is
    • Amazing
    • He
    • Needs
    • More
    • Page
    • Time

Can I just add that when Sage Durvasa retires, I’d be happy to take his place. (Seriously tho: May all your ice cream be frostbitten. May every sneeze cause you to pee your pants. May the wifi lag every time you turn on Doctor Who. May every book turn out to be twilight when you open it.) I would have TOO MUCH FUN. 


‘Aru did not have a crush. That was for certain.’

“Do I still get lasagna as a reward?”

“What fresh betrayal is this?”

“Are too!”  “D2.”


“You especially. Look at that handsome face! All the makings of a tortured, brooding hero. I could make you a star!” Aiden looked horrified. “Please don’t?”

‘Families were like a box of assorted color Sharpie markers: different, kinda stinky (not in a bad way), and permanent whether you liked it or not.’

Romance in a gif (if any):

Not really any, but Person A and Person A2 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly liked each other. It was so obvious.

just…. realize…. you…. like…. each…. other…. already…. 

What I liked about the book:

Everything + Slytherbucks

What I Disliked about the book:

This Hira girl was confusing. And there’s literally nothing else… :///

On a scale of despacito to adorable hellhound things:

mysterious snake boys (nine)

Now I just need the next one: Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes.


Please share if you liked it. And comments would be nice, too. 

(Don’t ask)

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