The Harry Potter Tag + special not-tuesday post!

I usually post on Tuesdays, but since it's a special occasion, (Harry + JK's birthday) I decided to make an exception! I found this on Bookmark Your Thoughts, but I have NO IDEA who made it. But I didn't make it. Favourite book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. (It's a close tie with Harry Potter … Continue reading The Harry Potter Tag + special not-tuesday post!

New Shelfffff!

I really had to organise it. See below: Ugh. What a mess. Here's my shelf again! IT'S ORGANIZED AGAIN! SHELF: *new bookmarks!!!* I have them alphabetized and color coordinated. *the Ravenclaw stuff was an early birthday present!!! 💙* This is my non-fiction/movie shelf. NOW THE ENTIRE SPACE OVERALL: *where I am writing this post rn* … Continue reading New Shelfffff!