FairyTale idk the title: read a bit of my crap!!!



I’m writing a book.



Here’s some scenes I’m immensely proud of. If you’d like to read them.


(idek if I’m going to keep any of these scenes but I just like them. Yayyyy)


  • “You show up after six months, dirty and disheveled with two new people! You’ve been gone forever! Didn’t you think I would worry?! I thought you had been kidnapped or killed by those rebels! Ash, come here right now!” Ash stepped forward, head down. His sister flung her arms around him, tears glistening in her eyes. “Tell me before you go on an adventure like that! I know you help creatures, but leaving for six months is too much! I was worried!” Verity released Ash, and he stepped back, eyes watering.

“I didn’t know you cared,” he sniffed.

“I do care, you idiot,” She smiled softly. “How about you come in and tell me what you were doing for the past few months? Your friends should be introduced as well.”

  • Ash and Scarlet plowed through the guards, occasionally getting jabbed with the spears. Rush feebly made an attempt to choke a guard, but it was too difficult. He flew back onto the muddy banks with a well-placed jab with the spear. Rush felt fear and anxiety creep up. Suddenly, they jumped out. Surprise! We’re raising the difficulty by 98765432 % Have fun! NOT! Another panic attack? Now? Rush’s breathing sped up, and so did his heart rate. “I need to calm down! Calm… Calm… Calm…” Rush mumbled to himself. “But we’re never gonna make it out alive. We’ll never make it out… we’ll never make it!” Rush’s voice cracked. Everything seemed blurrier than before. He couldn’t focus on anything but his fear.


  • “AHHHHH, I’M GONNA KILL YOU WITH PEANUT BUTTER, JELLY, AND KINDNESS, MY AXE,” he bellowed. His voice was watery, just like his eyes. Ash suspected he was allergic to peanut butter. Or, ironically, yarn. His hands and arms were enveloped in a thick rash. “Kindness, my hat,” Ash whispered. That axe was nowhere NEAR kindness. In fact, it was harsh brutality. “We come in peace, you idiot,” Scarlet yelled. Side note: never call a murderous badger an idiot, especially when he’s armed with condiments and an axe named kindness.

    Rush hefted up his quarterspeare, Scarlet wielded her combat knives, and Ash brandished his fancy-smancy sword he stole- Erm…eternally borrowed- from the rebels. Yes, swords are incredibly cliche, but DEAL WITH IT. He had returned the gun, rendering it a “horrible, awful, useless hunk of junk.”

    “I’m surprised he isn’t armed with knitting needles,” Ash laughed. The monster charged. The three scattered, letting the monster lumber around, trying to decide who to attack first. Ash ducked behind a tower of pillows. The monster had wheeled around to Rush’s terrified face.



DID YOU LIKE ANY OF IT???!!?!??!?>!?!>?>


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