Personally Ranking Official Princesses

*This is inspired by Fantastic Geeks Podcast) (I love them check them out)* (I agree with most of the stuff they said) I am ranking these awesome role models by how much I like them. I will also give what I like and dislike about them. I will also sort them into Hogwarts houses because … Continue reading Personally Ranking Official Princesses

Book Adaption Tag!

(I found this at Kristin Kraves Books' blog) 1. What is the last book adaption movie/TV show you last saw? Kristin said COG didn't count, but I'm counting it. So, Crimes of Grindlewald! (I'm working on a post about it) 2. What book movie/TV show are you most excited for? Sherlock! I haven't watched it yet … Continue reading Book Adaption Tag!