10 Random Facts

I love lists and I love learning about people, so I decided WhY nOt?!

  • I am a Ravenclaw/Slytherin


  • I love chocolate


  • I AM Lupin


  • Oh yeah I never cry out loud over important stuff, like death. Only unimportant stuff like cupcakes. (Long story leave me alone)


  • I hate Captain America (he’s so annoying just let Bucky take his place!!!)

EDIT::: Captain America is my favorite character in Avengers: Endgame only


  • I liked Snape because he was mean to Harry (I’m such a bad person. I don’t hate Harry btw I just like Snape because he was mean to Harry.)


  • I hated Twilight: everyone can die and stay dead for all I care



  • hail hydra  I’m not in evil mafia groups


  • I really liked The Last Jedi *puts on sunglasses* *deal with it*

Oh yeah BONUS I’ve been called passive aggressive just take off the passive.


I really want to put up some #aesthetic pictures, but it has been raining all weeeeekkkkkk.



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